LazerStock™ Checks

PrintXcel offers non-imprinted check stock in a variety of pantograph positions and perforations. We continue to be diligent in offering distributors the latest in document security technology. To that end ALL LazerStock™ checks come equipped with built-in security features to protect from fraud. PrintXcel's LazerStock™ Checks include:
  • Check backgrounds offered in Blue, Green, Red and Prismatic Blue/Green/Blue
  • Thermochromic Padlock Icon: Heat reactive ink fades when rubbed briskly
  • Full Length Security Backer: Words disappear when copied or scanned
  • Void Pantograph (hidden word built into the check background): "VOID" appears when copied or scanned
  • Microprinting on Backer: Type is visible under magnification
  • Check Warning Borders: Alerts financial institutions security features are present
  • Padlock Icon: Identifies and defines multiple security features are present
  • Fluorescent Fibers: Yellow fibers built into the paper, visible under black light
  • Chemical Reactive Paper: Special check paper that produces a stain when chemical or bleach is applied in an attempt to alter the check
  • Same Day Shipping if the order is received prior to 2pm CST
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