Direct Mail & Promotional Products

Integrated & Affixed Cards
Great for membership cards, discount cards and pre-paid phone cards, we can integrate cards into laser compatible continuous or cut sheets and print up to 16 colors. The form and the card are manufactured from the same paper stock delivering the freedom to design the document and the card.

Markets and Applications include:

Insurance cards, magnetic calendars, business cards, and Rolodex&trade cards

Hospitality and Resorts
Frequent stay and loyalty cards, membership cards, and promotional cards

Preferred shopper cards, promotional cards, discount cards and discount labels

Banking and Financial
PIN notice cards and identification cards

Real Estate
Magnetic business cards, and Rolodex&trade cards

Hospitals and Medical Industry
Identification cards, laboratory testing labels, and magnetic emergence number cards

Education and Alumni Associations
Alumni membership cards and identification cards

Trade/Service Organizations
Help desk cards, appliance repair cards, service contract cards, identification cards, and Rolodex&trade cards

Pizza and Food Delivery
Discounts cards and magnetic promotional cards